An ISO 9001:2015 certified company

Incorporated in the year 2009

We offer complete solutions in

Satellite TV Teleport
Digital Cable TV / IPTV / OTT
Terrestrial TV / Radio Transmission
Broadcast systems
Artificial Intelligence solutions
Augmented, Virtual & Mixed Reality

4 Inputs / 4 Outputs
2048 Inputs x 2048 Outputs

Matrix systems available from
4 Inputs / 4 Outputs
2056 Inputs / 2056 Outputs

(IF / L Band / C Band /
2G / 3G / 4G / Wi-5G /
LTE / VoLTE / 802.11x Wi-Fi

Award Winning
from world's largest manufacturer,
Quintech, USA

Evertz, Canada

Fiber Optic Transmission and Receive
Fiber Optic Converters
Fiber Optic Distribution

The world’s only
that receives simultaneously
C, Ku and Ka band signals
from up to 37 satellites


What We Offer?

We offer complete techno-economic solutions in the Satellite, Cable and Terrestrial TV/Radio Broadcast & Communication technologies, and Artificial Intelligence driven solutions for Retail, Commercial, Agricultural, Industrial and Educational Sectors, AI-driven Chatbots, AI-driven AR/VR/MR solutions and AI-driven IoT solutions

Digital CATV / IPTV / OTT Head-end system from Appear TV, Norway
Our Hardware & Software based solutions cater for simultaneous transmission of DVB-C, DVB-S and IPTV/OTT signals from a single master Head-end, thereby reducing the initial and running expenses in establishing of multiple Head-ends
RF Management Systems from Quintech, USA
> Active/Passive Splitters (L Band/IF)
> Matrix Routing systems from 4 inputs/4 outputs to 2048 inputs/2048 outputs (IF / L Band / C Band / 2G / 3G / 4G / Wi-5G / LTE / VoLTE / 802.11X WiFi / MIMO)
> IF / L Band Line Amplifiers 
> Redundancy switches
> Redundant Power Supplies for LNB / LNA / RF Equipment
> Telecom Lab Testing Equipment

Fiber Optic and Broadcast support systems from Evertz, Canada
> Fiber Optic Transmit and Receive systems
> Fiber Optic Converters (Analog/Digital Video, Analog/AES Audio, Telecom, Datacom, RF, Control)
> Wavedivision Mutiplex systems
> Optical Protection, Amplification and Distribution systems
> Remote Set Top Box monitoring and Streaming systems
> Multi-viewer platform (Multi-Image Display and Monitoring)
Artificial Intelligence driven Chatbots from Exalto group
Artificial Intelligence driven Chatbots on Websites, WhatsApp and Facebook Messengers, integrated with major CRMs
> For Educational institutions, Super Markets, Shops, Bazaars, Hotels & Restaurants, Digital CATV / IPTV / OTT operators, Telecom Service providers, Broadband / Internet Service providers, Hospitals / Pharmacies and Customer Support Services for any organizations
Artificial Intelligence for Agriculture sector
End-to-end Artificial Intelligence solutions for the Agriculture sector
> Integrated with Drones, Cameras and IoT devices
> For the entire agriculture process, including Preparation of soil, Sowing of seeds, Adding of fertilizers, Irrigation, Weed protection with required Insecticides / Pesticides, Harvesting, Storage and Yield Distribution / Logistics
> Increase Productivity  -  Reduce Losses  -  Gain more Profit
Artificial Intelligence driven IoT solutions for various sectors
through our Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning platforms integrated IoT Devices, Smart Glasses, Smart Cameras, Image Recognition systems and Virtual Reality systems, for
> Smart Homes
> Smart Cities
> Smart Apartment and Villa complexes
> Smart Showrooms for customers to do Online Purchase through our Live-3D Virtual Shopping Tour, including Visual Online Purchase & Billing, 3D-Graphical Virtual Trial rooms, etc.
> Automated Surveillance and Remote Monitoring & Control and Alarming systems for Retail, Commercial, Industrial, Residences and Transport vehicles

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