Digital CATV / SMATV Head-end Systems

Exalto is one of the leading Turnkey Solution providers of Digital CATV, IPTV and OTT Head-end systems. We are the official Sales & Service Partners of the world renowned manufacturer M/s. Appear TV - Norway. Our products are completely digital, and are deployed in 110 countries at various leading Multi System Operators for SD, HD and HEVC (UHD) applications

Head-end in a box

Modular Architecture
Open Chassis Architecture – High Capacity Backplane
Functionality via development of Input, Processing & Output Modules

Integrated Management System
Simplifies configuration and deployment
Reduced maintenance costs
Flexible High-Density Solution
Multiple Source Input
Multiple Network, Digital / Analog Output
Less space, less power/cooling

Carrier Class
Reliable, Robust, Hot swap

High measurable performance

Remote Monitoring & Streaming Solution

Evertz® 160RM Remote Monitoring System offers a reliable way to monitor remote sites from a central location. Customers of the 160RM products include Cable, IPTV and Satellite Head Ends. The challenge they face is determining the quality of service at the edges of their network where they don’t have any means of viewing their content. The 160RM solves this challenge by offering a simple way to stream the audio/video of any channel on the network back via IP.

The 160RM is outfitted with the ability to easily interface with a consumer STB using standard connectors and an IR interface to replicate the “remote” control of the STB. The IR interface offers a simple way to manually select a channel or scan through hundreds of channels looking for problems. The control protocols for the STB can be learned by the 160RM and can include advanced control such as special menus and VOD services.

The 160RM employs technology from Evertz® extensive and award winning broadcast monitoring family which includes MVP® and VIP™. By utilizing the same industry proven technologies with more than 20,000 installs worldwide the 160RM is the most advanced and most comprehensive remote monitoring solution available.

Features and Benefits

• Multicast streaming of captured audio and video inputs via IP to a central location or multiple locations using Evertz® StreamLINK® technology

• Optional remote manual tuning of channels for troubleshooting purposes

• Automatic channel cycling, using an advanced cycling algorithm for best coverage and channel line-up

• Optional on-board storage for recording captured content

• IR interface control over a wide range of STBs

• Configurable content analysis of video, audio and metadata

• Optional freeze, black and macro block detection for video quality analysis

• Error reporting via SNMP to a central location or multiple locations

Advanced Monitoring

• Video Loss

• Freeze Detection (Evertz® patented technology)

• Black Detection (Evertz® patented technology)

• Audio Loss

• Audio Over/Distortion Detection

• Audio Under/Quiet Detection

We Have With More Than 100 Brand Name Include These