AI for Government and Social

Exalto, as one of the leading System Integrators, offer state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence driven solutions for the Government and Private sectors, for the development of society.

We offer AI driven solutions integrated with IoT and EDGE devices, for advanced development of the Rural, Semi-urban and Urban areas and also the remotest areas, through 24/7 connected, 100% secured, E-SMART SYSTEMS, completely customizable based on our country's needs

Process Lifecycle

Issues being faced at present

ØThe changes in the Climatic factors such as rainfall, temperature and humidity will have serious impact on the soil preparation, sowing of seeds and harvesting
ØIncreasing deforestation and pollution will have direct impact on the natural resources, thereby affecting the agriculture process on Short-term / Long-term basis
ØThe deficiency of nutrients including Nitrogen(N), Phosphorous(P) and Potassium(K) will affect soil fertility and shall lead to poor quality of crops
ØImproper Water Management will result in Under-watering or overwatering, which can hamper the crops growth or even can lead to the damage of the crops
ØThe Pests / Insects like locust, grasshopper, etc.
ØThe weeds, if not controlled, will lead to the nutrition deficiency in the soil, lower the crop quality, increase the production cost and will even decrease the yields

AI driven solutions for the above Problem Statements

Soil Preparation

AI powered Image Recognition & Analysis solution, together with Drones, Cameras and Images from various sources, can identify and analyze the Soil quality, Nutrient deficiencies in the Soil, etc., and can thus provide detailed inputs to the farmers on the quality of the soil for the crops that can be grown

Types of Crops

Our Artificial Intelligence led solutions shall analyze and predict the weather conditions by using Satellite & Terrestrial weather forecasting, and can guide the farmers on the type of crops that can be grown, the right time for sowing the seeds, etc.

Adding Fertilizers

Our Fertility meters and pH meters shall be set up on the field to determine the fertility of the soil by detecting the percentage of the primary ingredients of the soil like potassium, phosphorous, nitrogen. Accordingly, our AI driven software shall determine and advise the farmers the type and quantity of the fertilizers required for good yield

Automatic and Smart Irrigation Techniques

The manual irrigation which was based on soil water measurement was replaced by Automatic Irrigation scheduling techniques. The plant evapotranspiration which was dependent on various atmospheric parameters such as humidity, the wind speed, solar radiations and even the crop factors such as the stage of growth, plant density, the soil properties, and pest was taken into consideration while implementing autonomous Smart Irrigation machines

The technology of Smart Irrigation is developed to increase the production without the involvement of large number of man power by detecting the level of water, temperature of the soil, nutrient content and weather forecasting. 

Our Smart Irrigation solution comprises of the respective IoT devices, Sensors, Relays and Microcontrollers. The actuation is performed according to the microcontroller by turning ON/OFF the irrigator pump, as per the inputs received from our IoT Devices and Sensors, and controlled by our Artificial Intelligence software

Water Resource Management

AI driven Water Management Solution, comprising the Image Recognition & Analysis software integrated with a set of IoT devices, analyzes the Live / Historical Images & Texts from various Satellite & Terrestrial sources, understands the real-time water requirement, loss and misuse, and accordingly designs the comprehensive distribution networks for implementation to gain maximum revenue as the financial agenda

The agriculture sector consumes 85% of the available freshwater resources across the world and hence managing the Water Resource effectively is very much required

Pesticides & Weed Protection

Artificial Intelligence powered Image Recognition & Analysis solution, together with Drones, Cameras and Images from the farmers, can identify and analyze the Plant pests & diseases, Weeds, etc., and can provide detailed inputs to the farmers on the requirements of Pesticides and Weed protection activities etc.


We also offer AI supervised Drones mounted with Cameras, Spraying machines and small tanks housing the Pesticides, for the automatic spraying of Pesticides on the infected areas

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